In our Luxury Catteries at the Huntsman’s Dog and Cat Hotel Ltd, we feed all of our cats the same individual diets that they eat at home. They are all groomed daily, ensuring that they leave us in at least as good a condition as when they arrived. We are experienced at administering medication in both tablet and injection form (e.g. insulin). Your cat’s own toys and bedding are always welcome. We provide cuddles at no exta cost.


Our stunning Summer Catteries are situated well away from our kennels. They are fully covered and secure, and overlook picturesque waterfalls and rockeries. As well as the standard sized units, there are also larger family units for those who wish to keep their cats together during their stay.


Our indoor Winter Cattery is heated and double-glazed. With a beautiful garden and gentle running water features, it is a truly tranquil setting.

Prices from 1st December 2023:

1 Cat: £15.00 per day

2 Cats Sharing: £20.00 per day

3 Cats Sharing: £25.00 per day

Day Boarding:
1 Cat: £16.00 per day
2 Cats Sharing: £21.00 per day

Plus Insurance for each pet @ £10.00 per week (or part thereof) 

All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Payment due in full on arrival – Card payments are now Accepted

Please Note: In-hours medication is administered free of charge, but there is a surcharge of £10.00 per night for the out-of-hours administering of medication between 4pm and 8am.



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